Franklin Street Shows


Sherri's Birthday Party - Part rock show, Part food fight, All good times.

Rhodeside Grill - Fred's moving to China party.  Interesting that we didn't have a celebration
when he moved back.

Tex Mex Grill - The building in Rosyln was destroyed shortly after the show. We're told this was only 95% due to our performance.

North Vernon Barbeque - Music was outdone only by watching Chris Sanders eat a raw hamburger patty.

Franklin Road Holiday Party - With special guests Mike Holden and Kenny Haddaway.

Java Shack - The "Holy crap we're not allowed to play covers so let's write 10 songs in a week"

Mexicali Blues - In the glory days of Sanders/Tax ownership.  Jackson still sheds a daily tear.

Hot Jobs Holiday Party - Franklin Street changing the way we think about Corporate Rock.

Tina's Farmhouse Party - A thunderstorm, A bonfire, and a blown circuit breaker during a
'Eurotrash Girl' Encore. That's rock and roll.